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If you’re a soldier who has suffered a combat injury to your teeth and gums, you are on our heart.  You men and women are the bravest people we can think of.  You are true heroes and to honor you here is our promise: We want to restore the smile of every combat injured vet we possibly can for free.  If you are accepted into the program you will pay absolutely nothing for us to restore your smile.



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We donate 100% of net profits on all MINT Gear item to charitable organizations and special causes. In order to make an even meaningful impact in our communities, we’re slashing prices 50% for sixty days to increase revenue. If you need a cool t-shirt, we urge you to check our extraordinary designs and remember by looking good, you’ll be doing good.


Sale: $1,000 each, regularly $1500.00 each

These are  the finest porcelain veneers available, installed by a skilled, highly trained MINT doctor.  Change your life with an an incredible price on an amazing smile.

L O O K  B O O K


Makaila says MINT is hands down the place you want to go if you are in the Dallas/Houston area

First off I wanna say that I love working for MINT, the atmosphere here is so awesome, even tho I work in the call center everyone I work with is very passionate about helping our patients needs to our best ability, MINT is the best around.MINT is the best around DFW and anyone who has been here can agree with me! I’ve only worked here for about a month and a half but from what I am told if you wanna succeed and move up in the company you have to be dedicated and willing to do anything even if it’s out of your job title, things like that will get you noticed. You can’t go wrong with coming with mint , FREE TEETH WHITENING TRAYS !!!! Come on it doesn’t get better than that! If you live in the DFW area or even The Houston area come visit one of our offices and I guarantee you will never go back to your old dentist again! 😊


Frank never had an experience like this before, says MINT is AWESOME

I have never had an experience like this before. I filled my new client paperwork on a Ipad, my cleaning session was on a massage chair while listening to music of my choice. Just an AWESOME place. Thank You


Shelby will never go to another dentist other than MINT

The most comfortable I’ve ever been at a dentist office. Everyone is so nice and extremely helpful. I will never go to a different dentist. Oh and by the way, I can’t do the whitening. I’m not writing this review for that. I actually had to get several fillings and they were so accommodating.


F Brodie recommends MINT to everyone

I like how they have offices throughout the metroplex that makes it very convenient for anyone to go just about anywhere for service. The staff in the office that l visited (lrving) were great! Friendly,patient,and very helpful. I would/will recommend this place to anyone and everyone that l know.


Mika was SUPER impressed with the appearance and staff of MINT
Usually I am scared to try places I hear advertised over the radio, but a co-worker highly recommended MINT Dentistry. Needless to say, I was SUPER impressed with the appearance of the place and the AWESOME staff they have!! I am definitely making MINT Dentistry my new dentist office and I recommend this place…


Raven says staff was amazing and the hygienist did a great job
My visit to this office a few months ago was amazing when I walked to the back all the staff was very knowledgeable about my situation, very friendly. They made me feel very comfortable Moises I believe was his name worked for MINT for 5 years and it showed .Moises knew exactly what he was doing see you in 6 months Moises thank you so much #MINT


Michelle loves MINT for making her smile brighter
Love this place! My teeth are almost perfect and with continued visits they will be soon! Thank you mint for making my smile even brighter!!


Wenlencia says go to MINT to get perfect, white, smile

Best place to go! If your wanting a perfect smile whit nice whites 😀😀



Donovan says the environment is very cozy and comfortable.

Office staff is pretty cool all the way around. This was my first time going to the dentist in a very long time and everyone was helpful from the dentists to the receptionists. They made suggestions on services post treatment but we’re not pushy. The environment is very cozy and comfortable. Technology was a plus. Lindsay Black is a beast. I will be back. P.S. One of the receptionists loves Dr. Pepper. Just ask.


Paola loved MINT Dentistry from the moment she called them to make her appointment

I loved MINT Dentistry from the moment I called them to make my appointment. Christina and Erika won me over with just the greeting of “How can we make you smile today?”. They were also kind enough to let me know when something sooner. They were also kind enough to let me know when something sooner became available. During my actual visit everyone made sure I was comfortable and at ease. One more to top of their great service, Erica called me the day after of my visit to find out how I was feeling after my procedure form the day before. Definitely made me smile!!

Dwaram…..he was awesome with my tooth extraction….so was tasha….best dental care ever 😀


Crystal was scared, but says MINT rocks.

love this dentist office and will be back. They are my permanent dentist for life. I was scared and nervous but they made the experience worth while. You guys rock!!!! You can tell each and everyone last person working there, loves their job. Keep up the good work in making us feel comfortable guys!!!